Top - Front Row Shop / Denim Vest - Vintage / Leggings - Oasap / Bag - ZARA / Sunnies - H&M / Sandals - Hush Puppies

No,in this outfit you won't survive the heat.It's just what I wore some days ago at the work,when it wasn't that hot.I decided to tell you some lil advices or what I usually do to fight this hot weather.

  • Try to avoid as much as you can sintetic materials such as polyester,acrylic and wear more cotton and silk
  • Don't drink sodas or other drinks with tons of suggar.Choose better simple water with a mix of lemon juice and honey (my fav.) 
  • Always but always wear a lovely hat to protect your head from sun and don't forget about sunscreen,even if you only go out for some hours.Also try to don't go out in the hot hours.
Stay healthy and hydratated!
Vicky xx

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