Cute decorations on the streets

This kind of window <3

The second part of my diary from Greece is here.I'll try to tell you some tips in case you never been there before:

1.In September-October you can almost have a beach for yourself without noisy tourists,so it's a good period to go there.Moreover the sun is just perfect,trust me!
2.Try to shop in supermarkets and not on the streets because prices are pretty crazy there.
3.Choose a cheaper hotel and spend more money for excursions - you'll be more satisfied.
4.Taste their local food like tatziki or gyros and enjoy seafood everyday!
5.Swim as much  as you can and take more money with you!

Speak to you soon,
Vic x

Cats at every corner

And churches as well


The last sunset was out of this world <3

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  1. omg!! thanks for this advice!!! I've been looking into going to Greece!! :D

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions