Last weekend I attended London Fashion Week for the first time ever.No personal invites,front row or any super exclusive things.Thanks to Natasha from British Style I had the opportunity to attend four shows,including Jan Apu,Delna and others.Unfortunately,I attended only Delna Poonawalla's show,which took place at Amba Hotel.Great show and the location was nice as well.Lots and lots of stylish people,photographers and bloggers.Haven't seen any celebrities or well-known models because you may see them at shows like Mulbery or Topshop,which are super-exclusive as you can imagine.Overall,it was a nice experience and made me to want to blog more often with more good content because I'd want to attend more shows in the future,maybe in February I'll be lucky enough to receive some personal invites,who knows? And it was one more chance to explore a new part of London,which I think is one of the best things here - to explore new places you haven't been.Speak to you soon! xx

Delna Poonawalla's Fashion Show
Location of the Show: Amba Hotel
Next Day: Fashion Scout
After Jan Apu Fashion Show.Unfortunatelly I missed it :(

A break at my new favorite place - Itsu.For Japanese cuisine lovers

All the pictures from my Instagram

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