Buying gifts is always difficult but when you’re trying to buy for your dad, it’s almost impossible. He isn’t going to drop any hints about what he wants and if you ask you won’t get much out of him. Dad always tend to get the same boring gifts year in, year out. Maybe that’s why they aren’t as excited about birthdays and holidays as they used to be. For younger men, you can always count on buying them the latest piece of tech but your dad probably won’t know or care what it is. It’ll end up stuck in the back of a cupboard with the rest of the useless gifts that he’s gotten over the year. If you want to surprise him this year with something he’s going to love, follow these simple tips.

Avoid Ties

Every year, thousands of dads are disappointed as they tear back the wrapping paper to reveal a tie. Even if they wear one for work every day, it isn’t something that they’re going to want as a gift. It’s too practical to be an exciting present and they only wear one because they need to, it isn’t something that they actually enjoy. Even worse than a normal tie is a novelty one; there are no situations where anybody would realistically wear a novelty tie and they can’t exactly wear it to work so if you buy them one, it’s going to end up in the bin or being passed around thrift shops for years to come.

Bespoke Clothes

Just because you shouldn’t get him a dull tie, that doesn’t mean you can’t get him clothes at all. When you’re trying to pick out clothes as a gift for your father, don’t just get any old plain shirt. Buying something that he needs as a gift isn’t very inventive, you should look for something that he wouldn’t get himself. Having bespoke clothes made is a good way to make that gift extra special. Try having a pair of shoes handmade, or a tailored suit, fitted to his measurements. That extra bit of thought goes a long way.

Getting him something that he can use at work is the worst idea. He wants to be spending his birthday relaxing and forgetting about work. If you buy him a stationary set or something like that, it’s just going to be a reminder that he has to get back to his normal working life tomorrow. Under no circumstances should you get him a mug to drink from at work. It’s probably the most unoriginal gift out there apart from socks and he won’t be pleased when he unwraps it.


Jewelry is something that we always think of when we’re trying to buy a gift for women, but we rarely think of it for men. The truth is, there are plenty of great pieces of jewelry that you can buy for your dad which he will appreciate a lot more than the boring stuff he usually gets. Try companies like frost nyc to see a great range of men’s jewelry at good prices. A nice gold chain works well for some people, but if you don’t think your dad is the kind of person that would wear one, then consider a watch. Even though it’s still a fairly practical gift, it’s one that he will enjoy wearing as well.

Don’t Buy Things That You Want

One of the worst mistakes that people make when they’re trying to buy gifts is getting something that they want, and thinking that their dad will love it as much as they do. You need to be realistic about the fact that you’re very different people. Don’t bother getting him a CD of your favorite band in the hope that he’ll fall in love with them too because he won’t. His birthday isn’t an opportunity for you to try to change him, it’s a time when you should be thinking of him and buying him something that he’ll love instead of getting him a gift that you want for yourself.

The easiest way to be sure that he’ll like his gift is to get something related to one of his existing hobbies. It shows that you know him well and he’ll really appreciate that. If he’s into gardening, get him some new equipment, or some warm clothes that he can wear in the winter months. A new set of tools is a great option for a DIY enthusiast. Getting something that he can use for his hobbies will ensure that he gets good use out of his gift instead of leaving it in a drawer somewhere never to be seen again.

Listen To Him

While he won’t drop obvious hints, the easiest way to know what to buy him is to know him as a person. When you’re spending time with him, pay attention to what he’s talking about. Listen to him when he tells you what he’s been doing lately and what his interests are. Keep a note of all of these things so when it comes to buying a gift, you’ve got a solid starting point. That will help you avoid hours of wandering around picking out random things for the sake of it.

Have A Budget

Going out to the store with a solid budget in mind is another way to minimize any messing about. If you don’t have a budget then you’ll be looking at anything and everything, but if you’re limited to a certain amount of money, you immediately get rid of a lot of the options. Some dads might feel uncomfortable if you’re spending big amounts of money on them for their birthday. If you think that your dad is the same, set yourself a fairly low budget. A cheaper gift that you’ve put a lot of thought into will be much more welcome than a very expensive one that doesn’t suit him at all.

These basic rules are the key to making sure your dad doesn’t end up getting another useless birthday gift this year.  

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