I finally found some motivation/inspiration to write a blog post after more than two months.It was just a lack of desire to continue with this blog. I wanted for so many times to organise myself and start posting regularly, as this was my main hobby/happiness (if not the only) since 2012. And it would be really a pity to give up to what makes me happy, moreover when I invested almost all my time in editing pictures, writing posts and shooting outfits for more than FOUR years, just unbelievable.

In August I went home for two weeks, had fun for the first time at Ministry of Sound (you know how obsessed I am with electronic music) also been to a great fest called South West Four, yes, again music.

So, this outfit was basically my summer uniform because even in the summertime, London is not the hottest place to be.The newest addition is this gorgeous bag, funny, colourful and a very popular kinda rafia moroccan thing.I got it from Asos, a super duper bargain.The location is the gorgeous Holland Park, which is a great place for a walk and of course taking some pictures.
Tonight I'm going to South Kensington for a spa session, can not wait!
Happy Friday! x


Checked Shirt - HERE
Eyeglasses - HERE
Jeans - HERE
Bag - Asos

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