The UK is home to some really incredible cities. People travel from all of the world to visit the capital, London, as well as many other different cities. The weather might not be the best, but the culture and history is enough to draw anyone in. Each city has something special about them, not matter which one you’re heading to. There’s the docks of Liverpool, the Tyne Bridge of Newcastle, and the infamous landmarks of London. This post is going to take you on a whistle stop tour of some of the best cities.


Let’s start with the biggest, and what some would argue the best that Britain has to offer. The vibe of London is just incredible, there’s so many unique people to see, and some amazing landmarks to discover. One place you should consider visiting is the markets of Camden. The atmosphere there is electric, and there’s so many stalls to wander through. They sell some really amazing food there, and you’re bound to meet some cool people. If you’ve never been to London before, the London eye is definitely worth a visit. It might be your typical tourist thing to do, but the views are incredible and it’s well worth the money. It’s hard to do London in just a day or two, so you’re best of getting short stay apartments from London Serviced Apartments. They’ll be such a comfortable stay after a hard day of exploring. The prices of London are a little higher than you would find in the rest of the UK as well, so it’s best to take a little extra money for things such as food and drinks.


Bath is easily one of the most prettiest cities in the UK and has so much history to explore. Famous for being home to the Roman Baths, the attracts attention from all over the world. There’s also the famous Bath Abbey if you’re into historic cathedrals. The architecture of Bath is truly incredible. The quaint little streets with their unique coffee shops and restaurants really do pull you into a relaxed vibe. The only down side to Bath is the prices of the hotels, you’re best of booking in advance to try and save a little money. There are some really lovely spas and resorts that feature Roman themed facilities if you fancy a little relaxation.


Edinburgh is home to good food, drink, and culture. Everyone associates the Scottish with being big drinkers, and they are! Some of the establishments you walk into will be so full of life and laughter, it’ll be hard to hear what the barman is saying over all the talk. The drinking aside, Edinburgh is also great for history and culture. Edinburgh castle is a firm favourite among tourists, it offers great history knowledge as well as a great view of the whole of the city. If you head slightly out of the main city, there are some great nature walks with some truly stunning scenery. Be sure to pack your hats and gloves though, Scotland is renowned for its bitter winds and cold temperatures.

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