We often think of stocking fillers as little trinkets bought just to fill the space when we should really be thinking of stockings as a perfect opportunity to buy perfect little gifts for our loved ones. Seeing it as just something to fill causes you to spend unnecessary money on bits and pieces that no one really needs. A stocking filler should be as thoughtful and precious as any other gift you buy.

There’s a reason why jewellery is such a classic present, and why it shouldn’t be the cop out choice. You can really show that you really know the giftee; what colours they like, which piece of jewellery they prefer, and what sort of style. There are always the classic choices that are simple, yet beautiful, like these handmade pearl earrings. If you choose to buy jewellery, don’t scrimp on the materials. You might not be able to afford gold, but sterling silver is a great and lasting option.


Theatre, the zoo, indoor skydiving, Harry Potter Studios, the cinema - it doesn’t have to be huge or expensive, but tickets are a fantastic stocking filler. They promise a day out and a chance to create some fantastic memories. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, and with so many options out there, and with so many last minute sites, you’re bound to find the perfect excursion at the perfect price.

Make up

Now, a ladies make up choices are well thought through, and she can be strangely loyal to certain brands for particular make up products. So if you’re unsure, have a rummage through her make up bag, take some pictures and pick up stuff that she’s running low on. If you’re a bit more aware or confident in your abilities, then you can’t go wrong with a good eye pallet or brow definer.


It might seem like a cliché, but chocolate is 99% likely to be a well received present. But don’t just pick up a box of quality street, or Terry's chocolate orange - as delicious as they are, they don’t really say ‘special’. What is their favourite chocolate? Do they prefer dark over milk? Think about making it more personal by getting a personalised bar created, or a box of their favourites put together.


Yes, girls love them too. How about a phone projector, a power bank, or personalised cases? No one in this day and age can say that they don’t use any device or piece of technology. If she loves taking photos, then get some iPhone lenses. If she loves movies - then the projector is the way to go. Figure out what she loves and get her something unique that works as a great accessory to that love.


For the ladies you love in you life, all you want to do it to make them feel special - which is why you’re reading this post in the first place. So why not get her something special so that she can pamper herself? Face masks, moisturisers and bath bombs (especially from Lush) are perfect, and you can’t go wrong.

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