Hey loves! Today's post is for girls who love jewellery,but what girl doesn't love jewerelly?
You will be amazed by the all stuff from this shop called Gemporia Rings with diamonds and necklaces,fantastic earrings with sapphires and not only.Just take a eyes *drolling*

Gemporia offers the very best in stylish, affordable and responsibly made jewellery.

At Gemporia, we believe that beautiful jewellery shouldn’t cost the earth, nor should it be mass produced or run of the mill. But it should leave a legacy, for those who wear it and those who help to make it. That’s why we only use genuine gemstones and precious metals to make our jewellery in limited runs. It’s also why we work closely with The Colourful Life Foundation to aid communities where gemstones are found, educating and supporting them so they can grow as we do. Their aim is to be original, inspiring and ethical.

Emerald ring (my stone)

 Gemporia offers savings of up to 57% because they cut out the middleman, they source, design and produce their own jewellery; eliminating the middlemen and their costly mark-ups.

Gemporia works closely with The Colourful Life Foundation, a zero cost charity to support and educate communities from all over the world. Recent projects include Gemporia cycling over 17,000 miles to raise £85,000 for charity, and’s CEO, Steve Bennett has recently walked to the North Pole to raise money for charity. Giving back to the communities where Gemporia sources it’s gemstones is at the heart of the brands ethos. Steve Bennett the founder of believes that mother nature planted some of the world’s rarest gemstones in these communities that needed support, and in return for these treasures the brand continues to support these communities by building schools, libraries and water tanks.

All these beauties are my favorites from their shop.My top 5 jewellery from Gemporia because many rings and necklaces stole my heart.
Also very soon there will be something special for you in collaboration with this stunning shop! 
Stay tuned!
Wish you a lovely weekend!

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  5. Cute pineapple earrings xx