1.Skating time! 2.Homemade burgers,soo delicious! 3.Outfit of the day.

1.With a lovely creature 2.One of the yummiest gift ever - peanut butter 3.The perks of being a fashion blogger.

1.Throwback - 2 years ago 2.Next outfit grunge! 3.An elegant one

1.One of the reasons I adore spring! 2.I rarely take selfies :) 3.A beautiful place full of good memories

1.Mornings like this 2.Delicious lunch 3.Florals all the way!

1.Perfect sunset 2.Relax with fruits,chocolate and a good book 3.Sometimes I cook delicious soups!

It's been a long time since my last post with instagram pictures.So this post is with my insta snaps from the last two months.This week is gonna be full of excitment because of the upcoming events,but more about them soon! Enjoy this week loves!

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  1. What cute photos.
    xx, michelle

  2. Lovely photos :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

    Apart from that do you wanna follow each other on Instagram?
    Just let me know if you do on my blog and I will follow back right away

  3. Hello from Spain: nice pics. Keep in touch

  4. Looks like a busy few months! Lovely photos :) Those homemade burgers look so delicious x

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks