Can't believe this year is already over...and WHAT A YEAR! Easily one of the best years ever,so far.So many emotions,memories,places! Maybe I lived in this year more than in ten years together and I'm not exaggerating.I'm thankful for everything and everyone from this year,for every minute of joy,for every moment of sadness.I'm not gonna make any resolutions because usually they don't really work.Instead I'll focus on my achievements.

I flew by plane for the first time ever.Exciting as hell!
Attended my first fashion show as a blogger.

Visited Italy and Greece.Twice Romania and Bulgary.So many positive emotions and so much happiness looking through the pics.Blessed!
Attended electronic music events.

These are the biggest highlites.Also I've quit my job,but this made me very happy.When you feel like you don't belong somwhere - quit! Don't be afraid,life is an endless journey.Managed to "buy" a new house for my blog - a domain.And made my first money through this blog,which is indeed a big achievement for a girl in my country :) The upcoming 2016 is my year,the year of monkey and I feel that will be a very big year,with lots of changes.
Wish you a lovely New Year's Eve and a fantastic start of the year! See ya in 2016!
Lots of love and many thanks to you,dear readers <3

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