Recently I've really been struggling with the number one problem of each blogger - a good photographer.Since I moved in London,I was quite absent here, and this is the main reason.It's not a secret that back in my country, my photographer was my precious mum, and she did a really good job.But being in this capital, made me want to improve my photography and I was delighted to discover Bidvine - a website that connects you with interested local professionals in your area.Basically, all you have to do is to answer to a few specific questions related to your needs, then they send your request to local professionals and expect within hours the first bid.It just depends how many details you gave and the nature of your request.Once their job it's done you can review them,as it will be helpful for other people in the future,using this service.Because if you choose one of these prof it does not mean automatically that they were recommended by Bidvine team.For me is really important the portrait photography which is the closest type of photography to my blog.It's really amazing because you don't have to search for hours, you choose the one that fits you the best.And there are such good options like family, maternity, solo portrait,couple or group portrait, graduation portrait, modeling headshots.Also you may choose the style of your photography like black and white, traditional, candid, artistic, natural, high fashion.I would love to experiment with different kinds of styles and see the results as the option are endlessly.Just imagine family photography with newborns and their pets or monochromatic couple photoshootings.Another plus is that you can hire a photographer in your area by entering the post code.Forgot to mention, this service is only for UK residents.So, would you give Bidvine a try?

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