Probably one of the coolest trends of this season are metallics, especially I'm into silver since I remember myself,as a matter of fact the only jewelry I wear all the time is a silver ring - I think from 14 years or something like this.But yea, here the main spot is gold because that's the eyecatcher of this outfit.It's casual,a bit sporty with a touch of 90's - the fishnets again of course.These cool trainers I'm wearing for the first time, even if ordered them since last November.

I'M WEARING: Golden Bomber - HERE / Jeans - Mango / Top - Zara / Sunglasses - Meli Melo

I had such a big emotional storm lately and wasn't the best period of my life but there is one good thing out of sadness, I got inspired and started to write again lyrics, which I didn't for ages.Nothing helps more like transforming the pain into art, because it's natural and made out of real feelings.I'm not talking generally about this side of my life but sometimes it's such a relief.Maybe someday I'll publish them here...till then hope you'll have a sunny Wednesday! Hugs, V xx

Photography by Martyn

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  1. Hey, gold splash! Cheer up cause you rocked the outfit with that attitude :D
    Never imagined you would wear so much gold, but it suits you!

  2. Love the gold jacket. And the choker is so cute! I'm obsessed with chokers right now.